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2 Forex Mistakes: How To Avoid Them To Make Profit

Forex trading is a lucrative way of earning extra income online. It can replace your day job, make you live your dream life, have time for yourself, family and friends. While some traders make daily ...

IRR Projects

Internal rate of return (IRR) is a financial metric used to gauge how quickly an investment is growing based on original inputs. Technically, it is equal to the growth rate when the net present value (NPV) is equal to zero. In other words, it is the standard expected growth rate of an investment. It

Investing Vs Trading - A False Dichotomy

This article explains why "investing" versus "trading" is not a useful distinction. You must realize that by owning a share of stock, you are in fact a partial owner of a real business. No business owner wants skittish investors. Corporations want committed, interested investors


A loan is when one entity gives money or assets to another one for a set period of time, in exchange for repayment of the principal plus interest.

Understanding the Exchange Rate

An easy way to understand the exchange rate is to think of the base currency as the number one. For instance, assume that the exchange rate for the EUR/USD pair is 1.2904. Since the base ...

Emini Trading Systems - On Abuses of Emini Trading Systems

E-mini futures trading systems can be profitable if used correctly. Or they will lose you money if subjected to abuse. It's the issue of potential abuse, that can have many faces, that we discuss in this article. We focus on the abuse of the very concept of the trading system. If this term (con

Guidance Through Skilled Traders Via Futures News

The trading markets are a worldwide community of people attempting to work the different markets to get a good income from the stock exchange. Traders from throughout the world with distinctive views on what it ...

Are Inflation-indexed Bonds Right For You?

Inflation-indexed bonds offer inflation protection. These bonds are exempt from state and local taxes, but federal taxes apply. Semiannual interest payments are based on the interest rate applied to the inflation-indexed value of the principal. Inflation-protected bonds make the most sense in period

Techniques to Rise Above the Crowd With Profitable Investing

Profitable investing means you are going to rise above the crowd and outperform 80% of all people, and yes do better that 80% of all investors. Yes, you will have to be actively involved in your future, in handling your money - at least 20 minutes a week, but why not, why not reach your goals and le

High Demand of the Yellow Metal

The current financial market is rocking like a boat on high waves. The crises was triggered by a liquidity shortfall in the banking system. This was due to the overvaluation of assets. As a result, the financial institution collapsed and there were downturns in stock markets all over the world. Many

Different Types of Merchant Accounts

After cash, credit cards are the most widely accepted means of payment in the world. No matter what business you are running, or what product you are selling. Chances are that you will require a credit card processing system. From American Express to Visa, the brand may vary, and since there is no s

Blunders Made by Most of the Real Estate Investors

As in every other investment, there is always a risk with real estate investment. But, if treated in a right and serious manner, it would be the most profitable form of investment today. Almost every investor in real estate are exposed to mistakes, but what matter is, recognizing those mistakes and

Do Not Fight the Market!

We make money trading when we sail with the market's tide. We go long when the market is going up, and go short when it is going down. We do not sail against the tide ...

Rehabbing Houses As a Full-Time Job

Rehabbing is among the most rewarding side jobs of today. It gives families extra income for activities like vacations they would otherwise not be able to do.