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How Do I Create an Email Resume That Is Pasted & Not Attached?

Many employers specify "no attachments" in their postings. They are wary of opening a file attached to an email because it might contain a virus. Honor the employer's wishes and create a text version of your resume. Although it may lack visual appeal, the text version can be read by all computer sys

The Traffic Vest Policy

Temporary Traffic Control Devices are used to protect highway and street workers and emergency personnel from motorized traffic. Safety vests are positive protective measures required to be worn by workers and emergency personnel who carry out their duties within a right-of-way or federal highway.

Advanced practice nurse resume

Resume is the tool used by the job searching individuals to market themselves. When you are writing the resume for any particular position, it is important to include the details that are expected by

What Are the Requirements to Be an Employment Specialist?

Employment specialists usually work for the human resources department of a company. Their job is to recruit employees for the company and facilitate their hiring. Some employment specialists work for organizations that provide job placement assistance to a particular group of workers, such as those

Is a Travel Nurse Job Right for Me?

Just as with any career, you need to evaluate if it is right for you. Travel nursing is not easy, it involves a dedication and love for nursing. You have to make sure that nursing ...

Job Description of a Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker will perform a variety of duties and responsibilities. They will visit schools, churches, companies, organizations, social clubs, college and universities, and deliver speeches and talks. They motivate and inspire people.

How to Become a Nurse Step-by-Step

Nursing is the largest occupation of the health care professions, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This highly sought after profession has excellent job opportunities and growth which is expected to only get better, given our aging population. Although most of the available jobs are in hosp

Software Testing Jobs: A Brief Job Description

Nowadays, with the big demand for computer programs and processes, it is necessary to ensure quality and reliability of software programs being developed and implemented. In such cases, the demand for software testing careers has ...

About Mahogany for Exterior Gates

Exterior gates are are a useful and often beautiful amenity in the home landscape. Installed to keep pets and small children in, and perhaps keep nosy neighbors out, they also provide a sense of cozy enclosure in the garden. There are many materials to choose from when purchasing an exterior. If you

7 Ways to Organize Your Job Search!

Discover seven key steps to organize your job search, create a plan to fit you, and help you effectively pursue and reach your employment goal. Whether you're working full-time or part-time, have been laid off, or recently graduated, if you are job searching you'll enjoy better results by

Proper Waiter Service

When guests visit a restaurant, regardless of how fancy it may be, they are looking for great service from the server. Great service in a restaurant is a result of servers using proper wait service skills and procedures. Communication skills are also important when offering proper waiter service to

Utilizing the Top Job Search Engines to Land Your Ideal Job

Do you want to look for that ideal job but you have a hard time finding it? Well, maybe you are not utilizing the top job search engines found on the internet. Looking for jobs right now is a bit more beneficial especially in the creation of the internet.

The Average Salary of a Payroll Assistant

Payroll assistants play an important role in making sure employees at an organization or company get paid on time, and the proper amount. While accurate payments are obviously critical to a functioning work environment, automated payroll programs lessen the need for many of the jobs that currently e

Video Game Tester Job Description

Becoming a video game tester is really one of the famous career. Only few knows what this task really is. Read the whole article to know how video game testing work is done.

Future Prospect of Biotech Sales Jobs

Biotech is acronym of biotechnology and as name implies it deals with since somewhat. Development of drugs and introducing them in market comes under it.