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The Fact That Explains Why The Magimix Is The Best Superior Food Processor

It had been consequently in France, down the middle of Burgundy - a place noticed due to the fact gastronomy - which usually Magimix conceived the food processor far more thirty years earlier.Typically the Magimix food model seemed to be the home based interpretation of accessories manufactured for

How to Make Dolls With Blinking Clothes

Part of the joy and beauty of playing with dolls is the magic and imagination that they can inspire. Take that imagination one step further by adding blinking LED lights to a doll's outfit. Adding lights is a good option for ballgowns, princess or fairy costumes, or "rocker chick" looks. You can add

Video: Tutorial for Handmade Clip & Brooch Chiffon Flowers

Video Transcript Hi, my name is Christina Gavenda with, and today we're going to talk about how to make a homemade chiffon flower pin and brooch. For this project, you'll need chiffon fabric, an alligator clip, a pin, some fabric for the backing of it, a lighter,...

How to Make a Paper Folder

Making paper folders is a great craft for kids, especially preschoolers. They can have school folders like the "big kids" without you having to spend a lot of money, plus decorating their folders will keep them busy for a little while.All you need is some 11 x 17-inch paper, some regular-sized

How to Make a Cape From a Shirt

Everyone needs a cape to wear, even if they don't know it. Capes create hours of dress up fun for kids and adults alike. A cape is an important component of any number of superhero costumes. Recycling an old T-shirt into a new cape is a way to go green and save money. Whether you are making a cape f

How to Make Clothing for Hand Puppets

If you are a fan of puppets, you may be wondering how to make clothes for your hand puppets at home. Maybe commercial puppet clothes are too expensive or too boring, or you have an idea that you just can't find the right outfit for in the store. Since hand puppets are quite small, constructing cloth

How to Make Simple Cloth Dolls

Commercially made plastic dolls are great for older children, but they are too hard for babies to play with safely. If there is an infant or toddler in your life, you may want to make her a simple, soft doll made of cloth for her first "baby." Cloth dolls can also be used as accessories to enhance a

How to Make Headless Costumes

A headless costume is an easy-to-create spooky ensemble. You can also make this to use as part of your haunted house. You can change the outer portion of this costume to whatever you or your child desires. The interior part is necessary for the illusion to work.

How do I Decorate Pandora's Box?

Pandora's box, a gift from Zeus, contained blessings for Pandora's marriage. According to legend, Pandora was the first female and was created by Zeus, Aphrodite, Hermes and Apollo. In some myths, Pandora is synonymous with Eve, the first woman created by God. Pandora was very curious and was always

How to Make Sugar Art Work by Sand Casting

Decorating cookies, cakes and other pastries is difficult and time consuming, but for special occasions, naked pastries just won't do. Most folks do not have the kind of time or training necessary to create exquisite decorations like a professional pastry chef, but still want their sweets to shine.

How to Make a Desert in a Diorama

A diorama is a scene made in a box, usually a shoebox when made by a child, that displays a specific moment in time. Natural elements such as dirt, leaves and branches, in addition to paper and plastic figures, are used to create an outdoor scene. When depicting a desert, use plenty of sand, cactus

Picture Ideas to Decorate a Tin Box

Tin boxes and containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From holiday cookies to soapboxes and mints, tin boxes are useful storage containers for daily items or keepsakes. You can customize tin boxes to suit your own tastes and needs.

How to Make Decorative Vegetables

Many people find the shapes and colors of vegetables naturally attractive. For centuries, artists have found appeal and inspiration in natural sources such as vegetables, preserving images of them in paint and other materials. Homeowners often display baskets or bowls of fresh or artificial vegetabl

How to Make Leather Bookmarks

Leather bookmarks hold up much better than card stock-type bookmarks. Paper bookmarks can tear, but not leather bookmarks. Personalize leather bookmarks and give them away as gifts to all your friends and family members that are avid readers. Leather bookmarks are also a great craft activity for kid

How to Do Clam Shell Quilts

The clamshell quilt was a favorite of patchwork quilters in the 1920s and 1930s. The pattern is achieved by appliquéing overlapping circles of fabric to a square of solid colored fabric. The clamshell quilt is traditionally composed of scrap fabrics, which can be resourcefully cut in a circul

How to Crochet Motifs

Motifs are round or square repeating designs. Crochet motifs are worked individually, then sewn or crocheted together to form larger items such as table runners, afghans and sweaters. Crocheted motifs are a way to use up small amounts of yarn in coordinated colors. The Granny Square is a motif recog

How to Make a Paper Cup Person With Growing Grass Hair

You can make a really cute miniature person out of a paper cup and some construction paper. The best thing about this craft project is that the figure's hair will grow because it really is grass--just like in your yard. When the hair gets too long, give your person a haircut. If you want to make you

How to Make Oil Paint Dry Faster

Oil paints have long been the "medium of choice" for artists. Early masters such as Michelangelo and Caravaggio used oil paints to create their renowned art. Later artists such as Thomas Kinkade, use the same type of paint to bring their work to life. According to art webzine Gremlins in