Identifying Virtual Real Estate: Domain Names

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How would you define the term domain name? What is a domain? Webopedia states that a domain name "...
identifies one or more IPL addresses...
Wikipedia gives this domain name definition: "...
an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control in the internet...
Namesecure says a domain name is a "...
meaningful, easy-to-remember 'handle'...
If I can make so bold, I would venture to define a domain name as a tag that identifies one certain online entity such as a website or a blog...
in other words, virtual real estate.
A domain name is not the perpetual property of the user; it is "leased" for the exclusive use of the lessee.
Let's see if we can find a comparison that will further enlighten you.
I don't know if you know where "the White House" is.
I mean, do you really know where the White House is in terms of its location on this planet of ours? While there probably are many "White Houses" around, the White House recognized by a substantial part of the world is (by way of formal postal address) 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.
, Washington D.
20500, The United States of America.
Just for those who may need a little prodding: the White House under discussion here is the official residence of the President of the United States.
Consider "White House" to be the real-life domain name for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.
, Washington D.
20500, The Unites States of America.
"White House" is less lengthy and therefore less clumsy and easier to remember.
Similarly, your website or blog could go by its formal nomenclature (its "IP address"), which would involve a serious of numbers and periods in the format 123.
012, or you could give it a handle that people would remember without having to write it down.
Speaking in terms of the world wide web, your domain is your easily remembered virtual real estate address.
It enables people to reach your site easily, like typing in "The White House" instead of "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.
, Washington D.
20500, The United States of America".
You procure a domain name for your site or blog from a domain name registrar, and the domain is yours as long as you continue to pay for the renewal of its registration in your favor.
Click here to get some more input into what exactly a domain name structure is like and what it represents.
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