Top Ten Things You May Need To Refinance Your Vehicle

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If you are looking for an auto loan refinance then you will need to compile a list of materials that you will need to close the loan and get the new payment agreement you are looking for. Here is a list of ten of the things that you will need in order to negotiate your auto loan refinance.

You will need your auto loan title when you get ready to sign the final agreement. In many cases people will file this important document somewhere in their home but if you find that you do not have your auto loan title then you need to go out and get a copy prior to closing on the loan.

Your auto loan down payment. Although it is not the normal procedure to put a down payment on an auto loan refinance, if you are going to include a down payment with your auto loan then do no forget to bring it.

At least three forms of identification will be needed as well. It is not unusual for the notary that will be making your signature official to be needing at least three forms of your identification so do not forget to bring three valid forms of identification with you to the closing.

Make sure all associated fees are accounted for. Not only do you need to make sure you bring any down payments with you but if you know you will be responsible for other fees then be certain to bring those payments as well. These could include the notary fee or any bank fees that you would be told about in advance.

In general you should remember to bring your checkbook because you never know what you may have to cover.
Bring your co-signer with you. This one may seem a little too obvious but sometimes people forget to bring their co-signer with them to the loan closing. This is important to remember.

Your bank may require you to bring your old payment coupon book so be certain to bring that with you in case they need it after the closing of the new loan.

Be certain that if the bank requires you to bring any insurance information that you bring it. It is not a necessary part of a refinancing but sometimes banks require insurance to be taken care of so be certain to bring it with you.

It may be a good idea to bring the current registration and title of the vehicle as well as the lien holder information may change after the loan is closed so the bank may require that you have that paperwork with you at the time of closing.

Bring a smile because closing any loan is a lot of work and the worst thing you can do is make it more miserable by being difficult. Do your part to make sure everything goes smoothly and you will be just fine when the loan closes.
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