Jewelers" Microscopes

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For ultimate viewing, stones are clearly visualized under a microscope. Jewelers get to appreciate unsurpassed magnifying on their own bench. It is definitely a jeweler's must have! Below is a list of selection of microscopes.

€ Gemological Stereo Microscopes with Trinocular Zoom Body. These high quality professional microscopes are equipped with everything you need for diamond grading, appraisal work, and inspection of jewelry. It is Complete with interchangeable eye pieces magnification can go from 7X to 90X! (with included 10X and 20X eye pieces). These microscopes are built around high grade Japanese optics to give sharp and vivid images. Included with the GM-5TR is everything you need for dark field, diffused lighting, color grading, and inclusion spotting for appraising gems. The GEMZ-2TR comes with a inclinable stand and built in dark-field illuminator with diaphragm. Both units come with a trinocular zoom body for mounting standard 35 mm SLR cameras (using camera attachment kit and T2 adaptor ring not included) to take photographs of the objects being inspected or a TV camera, while the object is being photographed it can still be inspected through the right eyepiece. Also included is attached light source this is truly a dream for the professional gemologist. This microscope features 10X and 20X eyepieces. It brings magnification from 7X to 90X and can stand with transmitted illuminator. 6V 20W halogen lamp. Overhead illuminator, 4W fluorescent lamp. Dark-field attachment. Iris diaphragm adapter. Gem clamp. Light diffuser dish attachment. Color grading dish attachment.
€ Professional Gem Microscope. Made with the same quality as our trinocular zoom microscopes you will not sacrifice any craftsmanship with this microscope. If you are looking for a high quality microscope with premium optics then look no further. This microscope has got all the makings of a professional scope at a fraction of the cost. Included with the scope are a 10X eyepiece it produces 10X or 30X magnification, gem clip, and dark-field and bright field baffle. All of this comes on a sturdy base with dark field and incident illuminators. The GEM SVH Series of professional gem microscopes is based on EM Series stereo microscope bodies. These stereoscopes have earned Meiji Techno a great reputation for excellent optics, rugged dependability, versatility, and economy that no other manufacturer can match. Choose from the zoom body GEMZ-5-SVH or the turret body GEMT-2-SVH mounted on a full-sized gem stand that offers powerful darkfield transmitted illumination suitable for photomicrography. These systems include a 2-stage fluorescent incident illuminator which is very useful for viewing gem inclusions. Both models are available in either 115V or 220/240V. All GEM Series microscopes come with dust covers, and rubber eyeshields.
€ Standard Gem Microscope. This great microscope has all the features of other microscopes in the same class at a fraction of the cost. Standard features include a 360° rotating head, 10X or 30X magnification dark field illumination attachment, and three different illumination settings. This microscope certainly has the features and price you are looking for, any retail jewelry should be with one of these on their counter to allow customers to better appreciate what they are buying.
€ Elite Professional Microscope. The value of the Elite Series is unsurpassed, featuring a professional "Dark-field/Bright-field illumination with adjustable "Iris diaphragm", and 360 rotating head. Also a 7X to 45X zoom magnification stays in focus through all magnification. Variable rheostat controls "Tungsten-Halogen" upper and lower lighting. Superior Japanese optics. Optional overhead light source with "verulux daylight tubes" easily attaches to base. Includes: Gem clip, Comfort eye guards, and dust cover. The contemporary European designed body incorporates durable construction and creates an attractive, yet very functional instrument that may be relied upon for years of use.

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