Roadmap To Riches Review " Are Top Reps Taking A Detour?

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Anyone can find it, it's close to the top of Roadmap to Riches Corporate site, "How Would You Like to Earn $999 Commissions on Every $999 Product Sale" $999 per sale sounds pretty darn good, so why would some of the top Reps be taking a detour? I will be touching on a few things that I found out and I will attempt to get to the bottom of this detour dilemma, in this Roadmap to Riches Review.

The 2-up programs are everywhere, like Roadmap to Riches, and they have been quite successful, however, better zero-up systems seem to be taking the lead. Could it be that Roadmap to Riches, like "Route 66", is simply yesterday's news?

These seasoned Internet marketers that are detouring from Roadmap to Riches might be seeking out some of the more current zero-up programs or programs with better, more lucrative compensation plans.

Roadmap to Riches launched this past July and they have a program in place that is called, a "modified" 2-up system, which means that a new member must give up their first two sales, but with R2R there is a nice twist. With most 2 up compensation plans, you must give up your first two sales to your sponsor, but Roadmap to Riches allows you to split the first two commissions with your sponsor and earn $499 immediately on these first 2 sales.

New members are given a nicely done replicated website, however, any seasoned Internet marketer knows that that marketing online is all about branding. A good Internet marketer must brand them self, because people buy from people, they don't just buy product. You might want to re-think your decision if your sponsor fails to impress this fact to you?

One reason R2R reps might be moving on could be the age old saying, "If it sounds to good to be true?" A few months ago, seasoned marketer and veteran of the Internet, Chris Campbell claimed to have made $141,000 in his first month in Roadmap to Riches, and I can't help but ask myself, "Does that sound too good to be true?"

As you probably have realized, any new business opportunity should have an excellent product so it will be able to sustain itself long term in the industry, and Roadmap to Riches does offer great products. Most of them are all geared towards self development and they include, "Think and Grow Rich, "Master Key System" and "Law of Attraction and so on. These are terrific products, but what I came across while doing my research for this article, may surprise you.

I found many of the same products, on another site for only much less. It was a site selling The Master Key system that included a ton of extras for only $37.00. The extras included, "Think and Grow Rich", "The Science of Getting Rich", "The Mastery of Destiny" and "Your Word is your Way", just to name a few. Someone thinking about Roadmap to Riches might want to take this into consideration because a buyer might be aware of the option to purchase this same product at $37 instead of $999.

In conclusion here, many of the personal development products that are offered in the Roadmap to Riches course are well known, and we now know that they are also available on another site for less, but perhaps it goes deeper then that. Seasoned marketers might be looking for a more current program, more team synergy, or perhaps a more lucrative compensation plan. They say that, "Every dog has it's Day", and perhaps this one has, "Just Barked"
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