How To Choose A Sixth Form College?

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Every student aspires to study at a renowned university and tries his/her best to get an entry. The sixth form college, however, plays a crucial role in your preparations for the university. You should therefore be very careful when choosing the college after year 11.

Going to a university may be two years away from now, but you have to set foot in the right direction to gain entry into a university of your choice. It is therefore of utmost importance that you choose your sixth form college very carefully. Whether you are looking to study medicine, dentistry, law or economics at the university level, ensure that the college offers the required courses and provides an excellent academic environment. Whilst teaching and programme structure are important, there are other aspects of a sixth form college which should be considered prior to enrolling yourself in one.

The first choice of nearly all students is the Russell Group Universities in the college and they prepare you to gain admission into one of the topmost universities. With extremely qualified teaching staff in all of them, universities operate globally and attract students from the UK as well as other countries. Targeting one of the 20 universities, you will have the option to choose from the wide range of internationally recognised courses ranging from medical sciences and business management to humanities and social sciences.

The sixth form college you study at will be your guide to one of these universities, hence you have to ensure that it has a comprehensive study schedule which leads you to the university of your dreams. The programme structure plays a crucial role in helping students prepare in each discipline. Therefore, if you are planning to study a high in demand discipline such as law, economics, medicine and others, look for a college that has experience in guiding students.

When it comes to academic staff, ensure that it is influential and each tutor pays attention to the individual needs of the students. Many colleges, considering the demands, even guide students in preparing for the new range of entrance tests like BMAT, LNAT and UKCAT. From filling out the application forms to preparing for the entrance tests, the knowledgeable teachers assist students in each and every aspect of the procedure.

In addition to that, many colleges will walk you through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) procedure. With a single application, you get to apply for up to six different courses. Every year, the UCAS processes more than two million applications for full time undergraduate courses. Your application therefore has to be outstanding, leaving a lasting impression on the reader to get short-listed.

Personal statements have a strong role and the college you study at should help you with both, the application form and the personal draft. Besides assisting you in creating a remarkable personal statement, the college must provide you with a nurturing academic environment. Many colleges conduct mock interviews to help students to become familiar with the structure and pressure of dealing with 'real time' interviews. The major aspects that you look for in a college are:

1. Help throughout the UCAS procedure.

2. Academic reviews on a regular basis.

3. Assistance from the staff on any academic problem.

4. Guidance on all aspects of your course selection as well as university choices.

5. Preparation for interview and university set tests.

6. Availability of staff for assistance on any issues relating to your application forms.

In addition, the staff should focus on the development and improvement of each student. You should therefore choose a sixth form college in London that provides you with not only an outstanding academic backdrop but also creates a path for you to get entry into a university you aspire to study at.
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