Do Not Fight the Market!

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We make money trading when we sail with the market's tide. We go long when the market is going up, and go short when it is going down. We do not sail against the tide or fight the market, we have to take a look that how market is and be harmony with it.
We do not fight the market. Fighting the market is not good because we likely to lose money if we fight the market. How much we lose depends on how well we are managing our money and risk.
Additionally, fighting the market affects our judgment, and causes us to try to confirm that our judgment is correct, or persist in fighting a trend so that we will eventually prove to be correct. We figure that if we persist long enough, no matter how long it takes, we will eventually be right but the cost would be substantial. Even if we ultimately make money fighting the market, it is not worth the price we have to pay, both financially and with peace of mind.
So, we have to let the market tell us what to do and when. This is the correct attitude for successful trading. If the market tells us it is going up, we buy, and if it tells us it is going down, we sell. This may sound easy but it is much more difficult than you think. We have to accept that we cannot control the market, all we can control is our execution of trades.
Instead of trying to control the market, let the market tell us what to do. Let the market and our trading system take us long rather than trying to predict or decide when to go long. Let our system take us out of the market out or get us short. Once we accept that we cannot control and predict the market, we will develop state of mind where we can let the market take us where it will when it wants to.
For profitable trading, we need to move into the mental state of letting the market and trading system determine the profits, not us. It will not be whether we predict the market correctly that determines the profits, but whether our trading system is in a profitable mode or drawdown mode as determined by the market.
So, let the markets tell us what to do based on trading system we use. Let them determine how much money we are going to make. Stick with the system and let the market does the rest. And know that, sometimes,the market gives money and the market takes away money. what we have to do is to develop a trading system that gives us more money than it takes away.
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