Where Can I Buy Junk Silver?

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Junk silver has become a strong and solid investment over the past few years.
For those new to the term "junk silver", it describes pre-1964 U.
(minted before 1964) silver coins, dimes, quarters and half dollars, which contain 90% real silver.
With silver prices in 2008 approaching twenty dollars an ounce, there is no better time to invest in junk silver.
My advice to anyone wanting to buy old silver coins is to try the following outlets.
eBay - eBay sells everything and old silver is no exception.
Individual collectors cleaning out their surplus coins or coin shops trying to broaden their customer base sell on Ebay.
And many of the deals are reputable sources for non-investment grade silver coins.
Why? Because new junk silver buyers can buy small quantities on eBay such as 20 pre-1964 quarters or a tube of 50 Roosevelt dimes without going to far overboard on their purchase.
A word of warning though.
Always check the sellers and their feedback before making a large purchase.
Online dealers - Do a Google search and see the fantastic number of dealers of junk silver.
Coin and precious metals dealers do a thriving business on the Internet and can introduce the first time buyer to bags, half bags and quarter bags of dimes, quarters and halves.
Please shop only at reputable dealers though! Coin and precious metals dealers - If a face to face sale is for you, try the phone listings for coin and precious metal dealers in your area.
Many will have an interesting selection of numismatic quality coins as well as worn, but perfectly valuable pre-1964 silver U.
S, coins for sale.
Check with the BBB if you have any concerns about doing business with a coin or precious metal dealer.
Pawn shops - Pawn shops carry a little bit of everything, the more valuable and portable the more likely you are to find it.
Be aware that many pawn shops do not keep close tabs on the current prices of silver and may charge you a price well above premium.
Banks - not easy, but you can walk into a bank a buy several rolls of quarters, dimes and halves, sort through them and maybe pick out a few coins the bank or mint missed.
Not a guarantee and it does take a great deal of work, but it is rewarding to find a dime or two without paying a premium.
There are several places to buy old silver coins.
Keep your eyes open and pick some up today either in person or online!
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