Tips To Create Effective Sign Banners

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One of the most difficult tasks is designing a sign banner from the scratch. When the basic message of a sign banner is provided, you are expected to be very creative and design a banner which conveys the main message and it catches the targeted audience attention. A banner should be created in such a way so that it is appealing and attractive and yields maximum effectiveness. This can be acquired by following the following steps:

1. Select apt font styles

Always be in practice to not to use more than two font styles on a single banner. Remember the more the number of font styles you use harder it becomes to read the content. Fonts like Helvetica, Futura and Antique Olive fonts are some of the easiest fonts to be read from a distance. These fonts would give the best results if they are used for conveying the primary message in the banner. On the other hand serif fonts like serif fonts such as Goudy, Benguiat or Times are the most appropriate fonts to be used for conveying the secondary message. Fonts like Old English text or engraved are some of the fonts which have to be avoided because these fonts are very difficult to be read from a distance. These fonts can be used when the viewer is stationery for a considerable period of time. They should be used in places where the viewer is able to absorb the content of the message at his own pace.

Before considering the selection of fonts take into consideration the nature of business for which the banner is prepared, ensure that the font you are selecting is suitable for the particular business. For example you can consider using script fonts like Brush or commercial Script for a bridal or beauty saloon shop. Whereas these font scripts will not be suitable for usage in automobile business. Try and avoid using words in uppercase lettering as it takes more time for human beings to process words with uppercase letters. However uppercase lettering can be used once in a sentence.

2. Utilize Graphic appropriately:

Logos, clip art, etc can be effectively to gather attention however they should not be used in such a way such that they over power the main message of the banner. If the graphics which are used are very attractive and if the viewer is lost only within the graphics then banner would fail to communicate the original message for which it was created.

3. Use good colors combinations

Sometimes the customers themselves provide the color combinations they want for their banners and sometimes this is good and sometimes bad. Color combinations with high contrast between the background and the letters are more effective as they are easier to be read from a distance. Some of the option which can be considered are:

Black letters on yellow background

Black letters on white background

Yellow letters on black background

White letters on Brown background

Brown letters on White background

Red letters on White background

Yellow letters on Red background

There are many other options which can be considered. It is preferable that you consider the type of business while choosing the business.
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