Accept The Salary Lower Than Your Current Job, Should or Should Not?

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Talking about salary negotiation is always a hot topic and somehow "complex". Among of them, there is a small part which also consumes lot of energy of job is to find out the answer of "whether job hunters should accept the salary that lower than their present wage?" 

Usually one of the reasons for an job seeker to change his job is that he want to find a new job which can bring him higher salare. Or he want to look for a new chance in a new company, but the fact is not like what you expect. So what should you do when you are in this case? Here are a few opinions around this topic to share with you and other job hunters.

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There have been many job seekers accepting the job they are applying with a salary lower than their current wage or that they have ever received. They took "a step back" to seize the opportunities for promotion later because they can see the future of the recruitment company. It is one of the reasons why job hunters should find some information about the recruitment company as well as the offered job before they take part in the interview. If they can predict that the position or the company will have higher growth opportunities base on reliable information, they will not hesitate to take a chance and wait for brigher future after a period of time effort. Once work or company develops, increases in salary will be an evident.

In addition, there are many job seekers accepting lower wages when they apply for a job in a completely new career field than before. They understand that this is the time for them to restart their career from a new stage.

Meanwhile a number of other job seekers accepts lower wages but will negotiate with the employer that the salary will change after the probationary period. Of course, there is no reason for the intervier to disagree. The company will have time to evaluate the capacity of the new employees, and if he is really a good employee,  increases in salary is just only small thing.

To sum up, job seekers should clarify their position as well as what their goals are. Once you are confident that you are a real talent and can work that job well, that you can take a step back to go beyond is what can be considered. Once you face with the representatives of recruitment company, always show your talent with employers, remember that!
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