Loan Modification Leads - Paid For by Obama?

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The Obama Administration has launch a new housing bailout plan designed to assist homeowners in renegotiating their mortgages with the bank.
The budget is set at 75 billion dollars and the Federal Housing Administration is giving til June 2010 for home owners to apply for the program.
Loan Modification Leads The new "Making Home Affordable" program has direct cash incentives to encourage more mortgage professionals to get involved and assist homeowners with the program.
The new program also means that the government actually has more say-so over who qualifies and who doesn't .
This means that securing qualified loan modification leads will become the most important part of the mortgage mitigation process.
Telemarketing Loan Modification Leads
  • Loan Modification Leads
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  • Mortgage Mitigation Leads
  • Telemarketing Loan Mod Leads
The National Mortgage Brokers Association released a report that claims one out of ten home owners in the US are facing foreclosure so finding someone in need of the assistance isn't the hard part but making sure they qualify is.
This being said, the best way to generate quality loan modification leads is by telemarketing.
Using telemarketing agents to screen potential applicants helps to optimize any marketing program.
Loan Mod Leads Call Center The process starts with the data.
Securing a good telemarketing list is necessary to make sure you are targeting the right customers.
Before the cold calling even starts the list is first filtered to meet the criteria of a possible applicant.
At this point telemarketing agents will contact the customer in their home verify the home owner's interest in the program and then ask a series of qualifying question to make sure they fit the criteria.
At this point the call can either be transferred or an appointment can be set to meet with the loan modification specialist.
Find out more about how to generate Loan Modification Leads and become a part of the crisis solution.
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