The "Give Me More Traffic Now" Article Set, Number 7 of 11

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If you have not read the previous article, this is what we visited for you to get more traffic now: Asking for responses and their benefit, Resource gathering, compiling, and how to use them, and lastly using debates, or topics that hold high levels of varying opinions.
I want to start now, with your reputation.
I have touched on this in the previous articles in this set, but I want to really cover it now in more detail.
You see, search engines are judging you by what most call "reputation".
The quality of content is one of the largest factors in your reputation being determined.
The next elements are the popularity of your links, meaning how many links are coming inbound to your site, from other locations; and obviously the keyword percentage or richness of your site.
Search engines have a need, and responsibility to provide the sites with the "best reputation", or the site with the most quality content, highest link popularity, and most relevant keyword population.
Improving your reputation with the search engines, is a sure fire way to see dramatic increases in traffic, which will ultimately lead to greater revenue, and an even MORE solid reputation.
It will be sort of a "snow ball effect".
Attracting inbound links is essential to your overall traffic flow, and to your popularity with the search engines.
Maybe you have a huge site, that has many regular visitors, and maybe a great deal of them link to your page.
So you are asking yourself, what could you possibly do, to improve your site rankings? Have your checked where the majority of these links are specifically coming into your site? If they are ALL or MOSTLY coming into your home page, yet you have valuable resource, information, or interior pages, you are not getting all you could.
Launch a campaign to create new inbound links, and focus on your interior, your information pages, and your resource pages, this is a phenomenal way to gain more from your presence on the web, increase your search engine ranking, and you will do it all with out having to create new content.
You are simply tuning up your vehicle so to speak.
The last one method or technique for you in this article is using timelines.
It is a pretty simple one to implement and should not require much explanation.
Make a timeline or outline the evolution of your service(s), product(s), material(s), or organization(s).
This give folks an ability to absorb the whole picture, rather than a small piece of the puzzle, and also allows for a better understanding of where you and what you are about, sit in the overall spectrum of that industry.
Some people like to be on the ground floor, this is able to be presented as being for them, via using timelines.
Some people like to get involved with older, seasoned, and trusted organizations or products, and this is also presented via timelines.
As always my friend, your time and attention is very much appreciated.
I am grateful to share with people like yourself, who are actively working to improve, and blossom their success.
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