SEO Bread Crumbs

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The game of SEO is always changing.
Without question, it is still a new game in town with wonderful benefits if you can hang in there.
I say "new" because when the game is always changing then how does it really become old? Google has been known to undergo hundreds of algo changes every year.
What does that mean for those of us performing SEO and other related webmaster tasks? It means that we have a very challenging road ahead of us and for anyone seeking our assistance to build their web presence online.
There's so much information about SEO online and every bit of information is basically a bread crumb that ultimately leads to greater success online.
So the tips that I will leave you with are my SEO breadcrumbs.
Here are my crumbs: 1.
Understand that when it comes down to it, Google is the biggest player in town.
If you want presence..
if you want a chance..
you better just come to terms that Google better be a player in your overall gameplan.
With more than half the search market share, there's just no other competition.
Yahoo and Bing even in their alliance are still behind and while they still matter..
they don't matter as much as the big G.
When you think about SEO..
understand we're talking about link building in the same context.
With that said, focus on quality and not quantity.
One of the most overlooked aspects of link building are the "tags".
Always, always, always have a title tag.
The worst thing that you can do is leave a title tag "blank".
Search engines still crawl the title tags..
even though there are some that may debate that but in my experience Google does so that means a title as you optimize your pages is important.
Too much of anything in link building is bad.
When I say this, I'm saying that if you have too many links on a page it looks spammy.
SPAM in any game is like waving a big red flag that you're doing something wrong or worse yet something you have no business doing.
While I can go into more detail lets just keep things simple and again maintain balance in your SEO gameplan.
Uniqueness is important.
That means "vary" things.
Vary your keywords, vary titles, change it up.
If you don't there'll be a price to pay.
The search engines can be your best friend and your worst enemy in the same sentence.
I'll be back with more SEO breadcrumbs so watch out for the next installment.
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