Selection And Classification Of Fire Extinguishers

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Very often there is, in the exercise of her work in front of a fairly typical question that is what concerns the correct selection of fire extinguishers for use in their workplace. The topic is usually covered in fire-fighting course which is mandatory in all companies. It should be first noted that the choice most suitable fire extinguisher must be made with respect to several factors but in general the number and capacity and also distinguished extinguishers must conform to the values specified in Annex 5 of the ministerial decree on March 10 1998 ("General requirements for fire safety and emergency management in the workplace"), a bill very dated but still the light of the legislative decree 106/2009, is still fully in force.

The choice and placement of fire extinguishers is worth considering a number of factors among which we can identify the size of the building where the headquarters of the work, the intended use of the premises, the maximum crowding, the specific fire that emerges following the advice on job security, the characteristics of substances and their quantity, etc, etc ...
After taking into account these specific factors will need to understand in more detail the types of materials so you can adjust the extinguishing agent fire extinguishers on the specific threat posed by those substances. For there are radical differences between solids, liquid materials, gas, metallic substances or electrical equipment.

In addition to a careful examination of the Ministerial Decree 10 March 1998 in which there is established that the choice of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers should be determined according to class of fire risk level of the workplace, we can refer to this simple guide valid for most office tasks: to work at low risk of a fire extinguisher 34A - 144 B, each two hundred square feet may be sufficient provided that the distance a person must travel to use a fire extinguisher does not exceed 30 m .

We therefore recommend as powder extinguishers are suitable for most office uses. Regarding the area containing electrical equipment must remember the principle of operation of fire extinguisher powder and therefore suggest the introduction of carbon dioxide cylinders containing compressed and liquefied CO2 precisely. The use of this specific agent, as is normally took fire during the course allows you to safeguard equipment not damaged by fire. Activities for medium risk or high risk we necessarily have to redo the certificate of fire prevention steps that have the most suitable place where hydrants, belts, fire extinguishers.
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