NLP Training - Three Sure Fire Ways to Waste Your Money

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People make big changes to their lives by attending an NLP Course.
Over the years I have seen some amazing results from NLP Practitioner Courses.
There are some real horror stories that I have been told as well.
NLP Courses are expensive in both time and money.
You need to take care that your investment gets you what you want and you achieve the results you are expecting.
Imagine a course where you gain the skills to create massive results in every area of your life.
If this course were possible would it not make sense to make sure you were on it? This is the effect for many that have picked the right NLP Practitioner Course and could be for many more if they had picked the right programme for them.
This article is about finding a course that doesn't meant your expectations.
Their are big differences in price, training experience and time for the range of NLP Courses on the market.
The are not all the same thing.
There are, unfortunately good and bad courses out there.
Taking the time to find the best course for you is worth the investment of time it would take.
Below are a few ways of making sure you don't get dramatic improvements to your life and throw your money away instead.
1) Look for a course without knowing what you want from it Before looking for a course you will need to start with the end in mind.
Find out what you want to get from the course, imagine what you will be seeing and doing with the new skills.
There is a lot of time, effort and money invested in this course, you might want to make sure that the new skills will give you back a return of that investment.
The exploration for finding the right course for you is driven by what you want from the course and therefore it is vital that you understand this.
2) Believing that looking in to the course content or the background of the trainer has any value There is no governing body for NLP.
There are a few self serving, profit making organisations that NLP Training Organisations choose to certify through and they vary slightly in terms of core content although this is not the major challenge.
Whilst the content does not vary greatly the experience, application and context does.
The background of the trainer makes a huge difference in emphasis.
Knowing what you want from the course gives you a quick way of sorting through a lot of NLP Practitioner Courses quickly.
Looking for a sales course? Then find NLP Trainers with a sales background.
If you want to develop your business then look at trainers that have done and coach under the same criteria.
If you want material to help with your therapy practice then look for a course that delivers NLP Technqiues from a therapy perspective and then ask for reference clients.
Spend some time quizzing your potential trainers.
Try putting their names in to Google.
All the good NLP Trainers have written articles, books and have an on line presence.
Speak to them if you can and get a feel for how well they build rapport with you (taking in to account they are experts at this).
The considerations for the course content and the quality of the trainer is vital when you think about the investment of time, money and energy you are making booking on an NLP Course.
3) Go to the nearest or cheapest trainer because they are near or cheap I have found some people that have taken a particular NLP Training Course because it was the first that they had found or it is close by or it is the cheapest they could find.
I find this a strange attitude to what could be the most important training course they may ever undertake.
Could you imagine buying a car with no criteria for the type of car that you want.
Worse still you walk into your nearest garage and buy the first car you see, or the cheapest car you find.
If you couldn't find a car you liked in the first garage you went in to would you just settle on the cheapest instead of shopping around? Understanding what you want from the course and matching courses and trainers against those needs is the only way for you to sort out the best NLP Practitioner Course for you.
The skills learnt on a NLP Course could be the most significant skills you have learnt since walking and talking.
In which case taking the time and effort to find the right course for you will pay you back with dividends.
The NLP Company Website will give you more information about how to find a good NLP Trainer.
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