Make Big Bucks Online - Become a CPA Affiliate

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What's a CPA affiliate I hear you ask.
Well, unlike traditional affiliate marketing, being a CPA affiliate doesn't actually involve selling anything.
Wait a minute though, is you aren't selling anything then how do you get paid? Well, my previous bold statement wasn't entirely true.
CPA stands for Cost Per Action and that hopefully should give you a clue as to what it entails.
By getting your sites visitors to sign up for a free trial, or even entering a prize draw and so on, you can get paid a commission from your sponsor.
All the user has to do is enter some basic personal details, usually an e-mail address or zip code, and that's it - they don't have to part with any cash or sensitive credit card details.
Basically, a CPA affiliate generates income from the traffic they are driving to their website, or blog.
The idea is that advertisers will actually pay you for supplying them with leads which they hope, in the long term at least, will turn into regular customers.
You can imagine that an insurance company, for example, would be happy to pay a CPA affiliate at least a few dollars just to get the e-mail address of a potential customer.
You might be more surprised to learn that even companies selling relatively low cost items, such a mobile phone ringtones, also offer such deals as well.
So, basically to become a CPA affiliate all you have to do is team up with a suitable advertiser, place a simple opt in form on your website - try and make it relevant to your sites content of course - and wait for the clicks, and the cash, to start pouring in.
The major problem, however, is finding the advertisers.
Well, luckily this problem has been solved for you - simply track down one of the many CPA affiliate networks that operate today and sign up with them.
A CPA affiliate network acts like a clearing house for advertisers and CPA affiliates.
They seek out all of the best CPA affiliate offers around, and then offer them up in one easy to use service.
Most importantly for you, the CPA affiliate, however, is the fact that they pay you for all of the affiliate offers that they run, so you only have to worry about picking up one big fat check at the end of the month - well if you've done things right that is.
The best thing is that its free to sign up to most of these CPA affiliate networks.
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