Interesting: the United Kingdom can not throw a hat college graduation

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Graduate students in graduation gowns worn, toss degree NFL Hats, almost all universities in the graduation ceremony of the specified action. However, Anglia Ruskin University recently, citing security reasons, banned for decades in this popular tradition.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) report, in Cambridgeshire Anglia Ruskin University (Anglia Ruskin University) do not require students to degree at the graduation NHL Hats toss into the air, so as not to harm innocent people. Schools that have degree cap, hard texture, angular, is likely to fall from the sky injured others. Seven years ago, has made ??such a move seriously injured a student, and that year's graduation ceremony is also affected.

The university posted a message on the site, notes that graduation ceremony, including the commencement of the clothing requirements, and requested students not to throw hat. "We ask students not to throw into the air Bachelor cap, hat fell off not just because there may be broken, and the degree corner New York Yankees Hats also may be injured by someone else. " But school officials said they know students like Throw hat camera pictures, they are only requesting students not to do so, in fact, no one present to stop them.

Anglia Ruskin University Student Union, said the school's response seems too far. "It is important to throw a traditional hat, also prohibits ... ... If you can not graduate to the last day of the college career hat thrown into the air, I doubt anyone would comply with the requirements of the school. "Audrey Hepburn also like all kinds of hats, especially the wide brim side, her face can be said of the little girls, highlighting the beautiful face. In "My Fair Lady"and"Tiffany's Breakfast " in the image with a hat has been a number of models to follow.

Opposition groups say is a long time graduation hat toss tradition of throwing hats in the graduation ceremony of the possibility of injured people is very small. If the injured person would throw a hat, then the way to graduation more likely an accident, according to this reasoning, "We can just forget the whole graduation ceremony canceled. " "Now people no matter what, want to completely avoid any Dangerous, but it is not only impossible but also makes life more boring. "
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