Financial Analyst Named One of the Top Jobs in 2014

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The road to becoming a financial analyst can be long and winding but now new research has shown that all that hard work can pay off. A compilation of publications and career reports have all named Financial Analysis as a fast growing and high paying career.

According to the research the median hourly earnings of those in this in demand field is approximately 37.00, depending on your level of skill and region. The market is also expected to see a 7 percent in 2014.

This particular career is relatively new and still needs time to cut its teeth, but the growth has been steady.
While this news is sure to make several recent college grads joyful, it should be noted that the American workforce as a whole is looking for better qualified candidates to fill these roles. Companies and firms are now looking for master's degrees, internships as well as outside knowledge on other industries to find candidates that have a well-round understanding of business.

Now more than ever before, employees hold more cards in their hands. It is becoming much harder for employers to find talented workers to meet all of their openings. These institutions are beginning to reach out to potential employees. Job seekers should keep that in mind as they go into the new year.

New ways of attracting employees are taking shape as well. Companies are jumping online and scouting out potential candidates on everything from Facebook to LinkedIn. So, that means that you as an employee don't have to settle. Companies are now competing against each other to attract employees. But, it doesn't stop there. Once you are in a position these companies will working very hard to keep you. Retention and loyalty are the two factors that several companies will be looking to expand upon as they venture into the upcoming years.

Websites that feature financial planners, financial analysts and similar jobs are also expected to pick up in the coming years as well. While career websites are a great source for job seekers, those who discover the usefulness of industry specific job referral sites may find that the niche websites can open many doors.

One of the reasons for these trends is entrapeanurs who are starting at companies and later leaving to open up their own--and there is nothing wrong with that.

For the first time in history recent grads and undergrads are seeking freelance positions to give them flexibility and to pick more skills before landing the job they really want. New York Times best-selling author Dan Schawbel summed up this new trend with this statement, "Freelancing enables Millennials to cultivate their skills with meaningful work. The result is that, by the time they grab that diploma, they will already have a resume of experience that helps jumpstart their careers."

2014 is sure to be the 'year of the employee'. Like social media made consumer-centric marketing profitable, so goes the internet's ability to change the jobs market.
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