Why Buyers Are Not Looking at Your Home For Sale

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If you have a home for sale and no one is taking a look at it, that could mean a lot of things.
Before you call your real estate agent in panic, research about the possible causes first.
Sometimes, it is not your home that is the problem.
The real estate industry is displaying an amazing recovery in recent years.
The low interest rates are making it more affordable for home buyers.
The recent problem on the fiscal cliff had been averted because of the one year extension provided by the government.
Home prices are not in its all time low but it is still lower compared to previous years.
All in all, it is a good time to buy.
So why does it seem like no one want to look at your home for sale? One of the reasons why buyers are hesitant is their fear of foreclosure.
Even if there are short sales, the prospect of losing a home discourages them immediately.
Even if they have a steady income, they will be hesitating to buy a home for fear of the unstable future.
At the very least, they are postponing their buying plans.
Yet another reason why your home for sale is still in the market is the buyers are waiting for the bottom prices.
This is somewhat related to the previous fer of foreclosure.
Current median sale prices are a bit high and it is, after all, still a seller's market.
Given the recent threat of the fiscal cliff, people are making sure they can afford the price of the home that they want to buy.
They could be waiting for the right home to be sold that fits their budget perfectly.
There are also buyers who deliberately wait for homes to get old in the market.
If your home stays in the market long enough, you will be forced to lower the price of your home.
Prices can be very tricky to figure out and you will probably need the expertise of your real estate agent.
There are several factors in setting the right price for your home for sale.
You need to look at the current trends, the condition of your home and other real estate market statistics.
Think carefully before you set a price so it can be attractive to the buyer - should they choose to pay you a visit.
Home buyers are probably waiting for "shadow inventories" too.
These refer to homes that are about to be foreclosed.
The waiting game is a valid reason to get your home for sale to stay in the market for as long as it had.
Even if foreclosures are tedious, it does offer a lower sale price.
Add to that short sales, there are several homes that could provide better deals.
All of these reasons are brought about by the real estate market and you may be wondering how you can compete.
In truth, it will be very difficult but you have to be patient to wait for the right buyer to come.
Do not settle for buyers who are trying to purchase your home for much less that what it is really worth.
Ultimately, you need to be informed of real estate trends to help you make better choices for your home for sale.
Your real estate agent can help you come up with a great marketing campaign that can override the fears of home buyers.
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