5 Online Job Search Tools

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The Internet has revolutionized the job search game. Now you can take traditional job search methods – such as networking and researching – to a new level by leveraging online tools to network, locate, research and land a new job.  Here are several online job search tools to help you get started.

1. Online Job Search Sites

The Internet is one of the most powerful job hunting tools in your career arsenal. The Internet boasts hundreds of online job search sites and a growing number of these online employment websites are specific to the legal profession. Simply plug in a few key words to target your search to a certain position or geographic area.More »

2. Social Media

Don't underestimate the power of social media to assist you in your job search. Many employers and recruiters are announcing jobs on sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn before they appear anywhere else. Moreover, a growing number of social media platforms cater to the legal community. These social media platforms can help you make new contacts and open doors to new job opportunities.  More »

3. Industry Listservs

Listserves specific to the legal industry are another great way to forge new connections and learn about unadvertised job openings. Listservs are a powerful way to network with like-minded professionals, learn about industry trends and resources, and share ideas, experiences and opinions. Sign up for a few listservs in your practice niche and join the conversation.More »

4. RSS Feed Readers

RSS feed readers are a free and easy way to stay abreast of the information most important to your career. You can use this powerful online tool to manage your career and your job search. With the magnitude of information online, RSS feed readers can help you target the information you seek and feed it directly to your web page. You can also choose keywords relating to your job search and receive alerts to when keywords appear in any feed.More »

5. Online Salary Data

Whether you're exploring a new career, looking for a job or negotiating a pay raise, reliable salary data is important. Researching salaries in the legal industry is not always easy since salaries vary widely depending on location, industry, specialty, experience, education, type of employer, firm size and other factors. These salary calculators, tools and resources can help you in your salary research.More »
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