How to Make a Beaded Coin Purse Out of Pony Beads

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    Pony Bead Loom

    • 1). Lay a shoe box lid on your work surface, the sides of the lid facing up. Starting 1 inch from the corner mark 1/4-inch increments on one of the short ends, leaving roughly 1 inch of space at the end. The end measurement does not need to be exact; the spaces at the ends just provide room to work. Repeat on the other end making sure the marks correspond with each other.

    • 2). Cut a small slit down into the lid at each mark on both the top and bottom edges of the box. Don't cut too deeply or the cardboard will be weak and not hold the string.

    • 3). Tape the end of the thread or string at the top of the first hole then slide it down into the slit. Run the thread down to the bottom slit that corresponds with the one you used at the top. Place the string in the bottom slit and then move it over to the next slit, slide it into place and now run your string back to the top slit straight above that one. You will end up with a series of rows across the box lid. Tape off the string when you have made your last row, and run a line of tape across all the edges of thread woven between the notches at each end of the box for more strength.

    Coin Purse

    • 1). Select a pattern or create your own to make a design for the coin purse. Designs can be anything from an animal to a geometric pattern, or simply alternating colors of beads. You will visually follow the pattern as you string the beads on the yarn. The pattern is not the overall shape of the project, merely the design of the beading pattern. Plan the pattern according to a coin purse size, optimally something that will fit an area 4 inches wide by 6 inches long.

    • 2). String 2 yards of yarn or heavy thread into your yarn needle. Tie the opposite end of your thread to your first row of string in the bead loom about 2 inches below the top edge of the box. You can work from either side of the loom depending on if you are left handed or right.

    • 3). String your first row of beads on your strand of thread inserted through the needle. The pattern should dictate the number of beads in your row.

    • 4). Pull the section of beads you threaded beneath the strings in your loom by threading your needle under them starting at the row you tied off to, running them beneath the rows until you have reached the last bead. Bring your string up through the rows when you reach the last bead, even if you haven't used all the strings across the loom. Lift the beaded thread with your hand so that it rests snugly up against the rows of strings on your loom, with two beads between each row of strings.

    • 5). Turn the needle and holding the beads firmly against the rows of strings, thread it back through each bead until you reach the opposite side where you began. The first row is now anchored in place. Turn the needle and thread and make one loop around your first string to close the end. Do not pull too tightly or the edges will curl inward. Continue adding beads to the thread according to your pattern and weaving them in rows working downward until your pattern is complete.


    • 1). Tie off the end of the thread when the pattern is complete, but do not cut away the tail if one is left. Clip the rows down near the notches at the ends of the loom and remove the beaded section from the loom. Tie two rows together beneath the beads at each end to secure them and close the piece. Clip the remaining tails from these rows about an inch beyond the beads, and thread the tails back up into the beads to hide them.

    • 2). Thread a new length of thread into the needle. Fold your beaded piece in half, bringing the bottom edge up to the top. Beginning at one top corner bead, thread the needle through the bead, leaving a tail. Wrap it once around the bead and thread through again, pulling it all the way through. Working downward along the side, thread the needle back and forth, threading the needle through the beads in a zigzag pattern, sewing the back and front sides together. When you reach the bottom, run the thread back up through one of the rows of beads and then wrap once around the top bead. Tie and secure. Repeat this process for the other side of the coin purse.

    • 3). Tie a knot in the end of a length of thread 12 inches long. Thread this with the needle through the top row of beads at the open end of the purse, all the way around the top. Bring it out the opposite end, and tie the end to the other end, making a large loop. This is your closure, pull it tight to close the purse leaving the excess string hanging in a loop to carry it. Slide the purse open when you wish to get inside.

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