Is There Much Senior Citizen Employment Around?

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What kind of senior citizen employment do you want for yourself? Have
you set any goals on what businesses you desire to work for? Begin
writing your list today.

Why? Why do you want a job? Is your social security, and maybe your
pension, shrinking to such levels versus costs of living that you are
forced to redefine your necessities, and qualities of life?

Is worrying about the vulnerability of Medicare and overall healthcare
cutting into your sleep?

Is this is your motivation? Does senior citizen employment appear to
be your best option?

Then why not toss another painful spike into your personal quiz
grilling. What in the world do you think you have to offer some
business employer?

What do you have of value that would make him, or her, give you a
paycheck on a regular basis for chunks of your time?

Come on now, fess up! Isn't this last question what you keep pounding
yourself with?

I am here to tell you my friend, that you have something of such value
that empires have been lost for the lack of it.

Wars have been fought because it was never in evidence, and lives have
been lost because it was not taken into account in the planning of
actions taken.

What do you have in such abundance that it gushes out of your ears?
Try this on for size! You are a repository of insightful experience.

You were probably aware of this to some extent already. But do you
have any idea of its value in the workplace?

Consider a business that was forced to shift gears in production of an
in house designed product.

What if it lacked employees capable of understanding and adapting to
necessary changes of activities on almost a moments notice.

Do you think you can handle that because something just like that
happened in your past experience?

What if a large store deemed it was necessary to stay profitable by
shifting its sales focus onto a brand new line of goods.

But what if it didn't have personnel on staff having the experience
vital to changing presentations and knowledgeable usage of the new

Could you help because something like that came up in your past one
day and you took care of it?

Did you hear about the small sales office that found itself suddenly
in the wonderful position of gaining a massive increase of business?

Their staff was inundated and their outdated techniques and computer
equipment became virtually useless overnight.

A resident in a nearby retirement home called the president of the
sales company and offered to show him a way out.

The senior retiree and several of his buddies at the retirement home,
men and women, had spent their business lives in sales and office

They helped the company design a new computer program and system. The
sales company hired them on the spot.

The manager created jobs for them and kept them on to teach their
present employees the new system, and help design their business

Do you realize those are not long shot events. They happen somewhere
every day in this massive and varied economy we are part of.

Decide what type of job you want. Write down some of your work
experiences on a sheet of paper. Keep an eye open on what is
transpiring in businesses around you.

When you see something that seems ready made for your experience. Go
for it! A major league baseball player only has to get a safe hit
three time out of ten, and then he is a star.

Believe in your real value, and become your own star!

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