Freelance Project Management Tools

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    Freelance Project Management

    • Freelance projects can come and go in waves; at certain points in your freelance career you could be completely overwhelmed with projects and at other times you could have two projects to work on. Whether you have one project or 100 projects, managing your deadlines and to-dos per project is important to maintain a functional working relationship with the business that needs the project completed.

    Free Project Management Programs

    • Remember The Milk is a task management program that helps keep deadlines and tasks in order. This program offers free cell phone applications that sync with the desktop version of the program. Reminders of deadlines can be sent to your email, phone and just updated on your computer desktop. HiTask is another program that offers task management options free of charge. Zoho online is another program that offers a writing template, task management, as well as project management options.

    Project Management Programs for Purchase

    • Microsoft Outlook has a calendar option that will enable you to color code important tasks and dates and will send email updates when deadlines are approaching. Sharepoint Work Engine also offers time management tools, updates and other tools to help manage specific projects. These programs are offered at different costs. Some are priced per project while others involve buying a program that you then own.

    Project Management Ideas

    • The tried and true to-do list is always a way to manage freelance projects. Keeping a written record of what you are doing and what you need to do is a very effective way to keep track of all projects that are going on. If you use this method, it does not cost any extra money other than what you've already spent on the office supplies. Cell phones and PDAs also have a schedule application installed on them that will help keep important due dates and will also help keep projects in order. Instead of carrying around a notebook and pen, you can have your cell phone or a handheld PDA that will house all of your important project information.

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