5 Tips for an Effective Employee Referral Program Installation

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If your human resource department is struggling to find competent professionals to hire for key positions, it may be time to think about an employee referral program.
This type of program ensures that qualified, key employees you already have are helping you to find others that are just as good.
Interestingly, employees often don't refer friends or family members they think will do a poor job because this reflects negatively on themselves.
Rather, they may turn to previous employees or those they know in the industry working for your competition.
This can be a valuable source of fresh talent.
How to Put It Into Place To put an employee referral program into place, you'll need to iron out the details in advance.
You need to consider what the organization's goals are and how to achieve this.
These tips will help.
#1 - Set the Tone Let your staff know what your specific goals are with the employee referral program.
You want others to know you are hiring to supplement they work they do, not to replace them or to cut their own hours.
At the same time, you want to communicate that you are looking for excellent qualified employees, not just anyone.
Set the goals.
#2 - Make the Incentive Worthwhile You want to ensure that whatever incentive your offer (which is often a bonus) is one that the current employee base actually will appreciate.
If it is something that's not considered worthwhile, no one is going to participate.
Incentives should be awarded when earned, too.
State a specific incentive.
#3 - Put Limitations in Place Most often, an employee incentive program for referrals needs to include specific limitations.
How long does the employee need to work before the incentive applies? This ensures that those who are brought in are real, authentic leads.
#4 - Communicate Needs What job skills do these individuals need to have? How much job experience is necessary for the individual to be a part of this group? Don't forget the clear background check.
When it comes to communicating your needs, really consider what those needs are first - who do you want to bring in? #5 - Treat New Hires with the Same Benefits Not only do you want the staff members you currently have to help with an employee referral program, but also the qualified professionals they bring in.
You can keep this type of employee incentive going for a long time and benefit from it.
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