How staffing agencies help candidates

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When a staffing agency interviews a new candidate, the consultant immediately identifies the following things:
  • The candidate's qualifications
  • Experience
  • Ambition or future plans
  • Willingness to learn
  • Ability to handle stress and adversity

Once these aspects have been identified and explored, the consultant has a good idea of what type of candidate they are dealing with. A good candidate would have a positive score in more than three of the aspects. This is when the agency makes a decision on how hard they're going to work in order to make this a productive and profitable candidate for them.

The other motivations that a worker agency has for helping a candidate are linked to the candidates own growth and progress. The ambition that the consultant identified in the candidate is part of the potential worker's ability to keep on working with the agency. If the candidate feels trapped and that s/he is progressing in their careers, they will leave the agency for greener pastures. They also want to earn more as time progresses and they can only do that if their skills and knowledge – possibly their qualifications – improve and grow.

The agency can therefore do a variety of things:
  • Put the candidate in increasingly challenging jobs
  • Put them in positions that pay more than their previous jobs
  • Hold workshops and learning sessions for the candidates to attend to improve their knowledge and skills
  • Some staff agencies could even offer large monetary incentives for good performance which could include study assistance or cash to go towards new or progressive studies.
  • The agency allows the candidate reasonable time off to attend classes and write exams.

As a labouring agency, Workers Direct not only focuses on the client's requirements, but also on the candidate's needs. We spend sufficient time with our candidates to make sure that they are still happy in the positions that they are in or are getting. Where a candidate indicates that s/he wants to leave the agency to study further, we do our best to help them study and stay employed. A work schedule is worked out and time for studies and exams is drafted.

In the case of an exceptional agency labourer, we may even offer financial assistance. This could range from paying the registration fees to full course costs and associated expenses (e.g. books etc.) Their progress is monitored closely and the agency expects exceptional performance where financial aid has been extended. The point is to have a highly qualified candidate on the books when the learning period is over. Whether the person stays a temp or becomes a candidate for a permanent job, the agency will get a reward for helping the temp.

It is always a joy for Workers Direct to see our people learn, grow and prosper and we therefore do everything in our power to help candidates and consultants alike to meet their personal goals. Of course the agency benefits from this as well, but it is a mutually beneficial relationship that both parties treasure.
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