A Daycare Caregiver's Requirements

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    • Educational requirements vary from state to state and employer to employer. However, it is customary for most daycare caregivers to hold a high school diploma or equivalent. Some employers require courses on early childhood education or care from a college or community college, while others demand bachelor's degrees in early childhood education and pedagogy. If you are seeking employment as a daycare caregiver in a non-state-regulated private setting, educational requirements may be much less or much more than those required in state-monitored establishments.


    • Some daycare caregivers seek credentialing from Child Development Associate (CDA) or Child Care Professional (CCP) accreditation to support their basic education. These credentialing organizations provide coursework and examination procedures to ensure standardized methods of care and training. Some employers will only hire people who have sought these or similar credentials, particularly state-regulated daycare centers. Daycare workers caring for more than a few children may be required to seek credentialing, even when employed by private employers.

    Continuing Education

    • Proper and ongoing training in first aid and CPR is required of many daycare workers. While this training is mandatory in many credentialing programs, ongoing continuing education efforts are often expected to renew licensing. Nutritional seminars and training on special needs or behavioral needs may be required depending upon the employer and the demographic of the daycare clients.

    Other Qualities

    • Daycare caregivers are also required to be patient, observant and vigilant because the work involves the care of small children who are unpredictable and curious. These qualities help to ensure the safety of the children and the employees. The desire to work with children is one of the most important requirements of childcare workers. The ability to respond quickly to crises as they arise is another important qualification that will make the job more enjoyable for employees and children.

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