Recession Proof - What Does it Mean to You?

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Last time I talked about the American economy and why everyone is talking about recession proofing your income.
Today were talking about creating an income on line working from home.
I really do like the definition from Buckminster Fuller of wealth and that is: creating a passive or portfolio income to cover your monthly expenses, and then you are wealthy.
Because I think everyone can understand that if your income has to be $3000 to cover all your expenses when you create a passive income stream that is more than the $3000 then you are wealthy.
So how can you do this on line you can sell affiliate products and with the right ones you can make $3000 a month.
If you make $300 a day times 365 days you'll be creating for yourself a six-figure income a year.
After I had to close my Granite counter top business because of a bad business deal that started two years ago, and with the fall off of the economy I could not keep it open with the little business there was.
All the business assets are tied up because of unpaid bills so I had to start my Internet business on a shoestring.
I do have three websites up and I'm working on an e-book and I have lots of affiliate products I can sell.
Because I am a businessman, I am working on figuring it all out, to make it work the best and that may have slowed me down.
But I found some great teachers and I've run across some bad ones but I still believe it's what you make of each encounter.
This is a quote I really enjoy: "don't complain about what you allow or don't complain about what you permit.
" That means I am responsible for every action or non-action I take so if I buy something that is bad it's my fault.
I am learning the way of the people on the Internet and I've learned who to stay away from.
I learned who I like and who gives you the most value for your money and they are the affiliate products I will be selling.
So back to the plan, what is the solution to building wealth on the Internet.
First you have to know what you're expenses are each month.
Then you have to figure out what you need to make to cover the expenses.
Then you'll need to figure out which of the on line business you're going to do.
There are many products and you must find the one that gives you the best commission if you're going to do affiliate marketing.
If you choose on line auctions you have to find suppliers and drop shippers for the products you're going to sell on sites like eBay.
So if you make $20 on an eBay sale, you need how many to cover your monthly expenses? If you are selling an affiliate product and there are three stages of pay that will give you $160 per sale, then how many of those sales do you need to cover your monthly expenses? These questions will leave you something to think about.
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