If You"re Selling Your Home, Don"t Commit - This is a Huge Mistake!

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I've been talking with some of the Top Realtors in the market and they are seeing sellers make a big mistake that may be costing them.
You may not believe this but some Sellers that are given a ridiculously low offer don't always counteroffer! Maybe it's because it feels offensive or just plain unbelievable that someone would offer that low of a bid but whatever the reason some sellers just don't counter.
If you look into the psychology of the buyer, they may be willing to offer full price for your home and just want to see what your next move is.
This is the art of negotiating.
It's like contact sports, you may not like to get hit but it's probably going to happen.
When it happens you may not want to get back in the game because it hurt too much.
If it hurt that much you might not want to play.
If you don't get to play then you just go home with nothing.
If you go home with nothing then you lose.
The other side of getting hit may be you hit back showing you're willing to play the game.
If you play you just might win.
If you win, then you've reached your goal.
I know it sounds silly but you have to play to win.
I could go into negotiation strategies but it would take a book to explain it all.
Pick up a book on negotiations or talk to your Realtor about negotiating strateges so you don't make this HUGE mistake.
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