What You Should Include on Your Student Business Card

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Personalized business cards are an excellent way for students to promote themselves while leaving behind some pertinent information to catch a potential employer's interest. Business cards should be carried at all times. Having a business card shows a sense of professionalism and creates a favorable impression to employers. Business cards can include a local and home address, phone number(s), degree, major, graduation date, and a professional objective (please see additional suggestions below).

*Business Cards for students can include some or all of the following:

Name/Phone/Email/Date of Graduation (Picture)
Bachelor of __________ : Major: Minor:
University of ___________
Career Location:
Experience in:
Career Focus:
Internships @ ________

The back of the card can also be utilized by identifying skills, accomplishments, mission statement, objective, slogan, contact information, or even a “mini-resume”.

Business card can be created by using:
1. VistaPrint
2. MS Word (create own)(see below)
3. Professionally done
4. iprint.com (free)
5. Students can make their own business cards at retailers such as Staples.

When networking students can leave behind or send out their business card (along with their resume). Creating your own business card allows you to be creative and design a card that is exactly how you want it to look.

Follow these easy steps to create your own business card:

1. Obtain Avery Business Cards from any office supply store.
2. Utilize Microsoft Word to create your card.

3. In MS Word, select Tools from the drop-down menu at the top.
4. Under Tools, select Envelopes and Labels.
5. Select Labels.
6. Click Options.
7. Under label products, select Avery Standard.
8. Under product number, select 5371 – Business Card.
9. Click on OK.
10. Click New Document, a screen with ten cards will pop up.
11. Type your information on the first card.
12. Copy the first card to the clipboard and paste on to the other card locations.
13. Print cards using laser or ink jet printer.
14. Voila! Your personalized business card is ready to hand out.

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