How to Get Rid of Temporary Employees

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    • 1). Read the employee handbook and hiring contract with the temporary worker when he is hired. Have him sign both showing he read and understood the content.

    • 2). Sit down with the temporary employee a week prior to his pre-determined end date. Discuss his end date and what is expected of him at his exit. If he was hired through an employment agency discuss the exit plans with your contact there too.

    • 3). Document all disciplinary actions taken against a temporary employee. Follow your normal procedures for terminating employees if the temporary employee must be let go. Again, if he was hired through an employment agency, communicate your concerns with the agency. The agency may prefer managing the discipline and termination.

    • 4). Explain to a good temporary employee the reason you are letting him go. Sometimes there is not enough work to sustain a temporary worker, or funding issues dictate "at will" terminations. Discuss these determining factors with the employment agency, if you used one for your temporary help.

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