How Much Money Does a Kindergarten Teacher Make in Indiana?

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    National Versus Indiana Salaries

    • The bureau explains that, across the country, teachers working in elementary schools earn around $52,660 per year, while the median for teachers working in elementary, secondary and kindergarten institutions is around $48,800 per year. However, Indiana teachers earn less than the national average, as teachers in the state earn around $47,070 annually. This is more than the nationwide 10th percentile of teachers, who earn $31,720 yearly, according to the bureau.

    Salaries Based on Indiana Localities

    • The specific salary figure given to kindergarten teachers in Indiana depends on the city or county, according to the bureau’s data. For instance, Indianapolis kindergarten teachers get approximately $49,240 per year in salary, while Gary teachers get a slightly lower annual salary of $46,470. The nonmetropolitan area in Northwestern Indiana pays kindergarten teacher a lower salary of $45,920, while Bloomington teachers get an annual wage of $45,890.

    Different Industries

    • A kindergarten teacher’s salary may differ depending on the type of school or institution she works for in Indiana. For instance, teachers working in civic or social organizations or industries earn around $48,990 per year, while teachers working in religious organizations or institutions get closer to $44,800 yearly. Local government schooling or academic institutions pay an annual salary of $40,590.

    Employment Outlook

    • The bureau predicts that employment opportunities for kindergarten teachers will grow by at least 13 percent until 2018 across the United States, including the state of Indiana. This increase is faster than average for all occupations, including other teaching positions. Kindergarten teachers who are willing to relocate for available positions are more likely to get employment, according to the bureau.

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