What to Expect When You Join the Army

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    Boot Camp

    • Boot camp is mentally and physically challenging. For nine weeks, your time will be almost completely scheduled as you learn new skills and information under close supervision.


    • You will take an initial test that consists of push ups, sit ups and a two-mile run. After weeks of marching, running and calisthenics, you will be retested. Based on your age and sex, you must achieve a minimum score to graduate from boot camp.

    Combat Skills

    • During boot camp, you will learn to maintain and fire a variety of weapons, such as the M-16 rifle, and navigate over terrain using a map and compass. Since 9/11, the Army has placed more focus on teaching recruits small-unit tactics and cultural skills.

    Job Training

    • There are many Army jobs ranging from infantryman to computer technician. Ongoing military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan have created a high demand for jobs such as linguists, special operations troops and intelligence specialists.

    Duty Station

    • After you complete your job training, you will be sent to your first duty station either in the United States, for example at Fort Knox, Kentucky, or overseas, such as in South Korea and Afghanistan.

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