3 Lies That Stop You From Making Money Online (or Get Started)

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People complain about 3 main things when they can't get their internet business started or make money online

Stuck at The First Base - Can't Determine a Niche Market

The funniest thing is this, the person who is stuck in determining their niche is still continuing to buy the latest widget, like a new course on how to get affiliates or some fancy video player. HELLO? They need to either buy a course about niche marketing, some super cool niche research software or a list of ready-researched niches.

What is the big fuss about selecting a niche market AT ALL? It takes less than 5 minutes to find a niche market. So the problem is not about FINDING the niche market but committing to it.

It's just crazy not to get started and miss out all of the other cool stuff like how to get traffic, building a mailing, making money online and so on because you need to make sure you have the 'right' niche. If you want a profitable niche market, might as well get into the 'travel' or 'lose weight' market but you know you'll not stay long there if you're new to this game… so why mess up your head with this whole 'profitable niche' market selection?

Just choose one and go with it. For the sake of getting started, just pick any niche that you like! If it did not work out, at least you've started. Besides, how are you going to learn if you're not ready to fail?

I Don't Have A List

Dude - if you know you need a list to make money online, why do you keep saying that rather than spend the time to start building one?

It's like a dude saying that he can't buy food for his family because he is poor. Duh. You'll continue to be poor and hungry if you don't do anything about it other than telling the world how poor you are.

Saying you don't have a list and hope someone would give you a list is like applying Law of Attraction asking for money from the Universe but by just sitting down, "medidating" and doing nothing.

To make you feel better, just know that the top marketers on the internet were not born with a list too (not a surprise, right?). It took them a few months to build it. And you know what, they started building it IMMEDIATELY when it hit on them that they need a list. Hint: You already discover the 'secret' and many still don't. Aren't you supposed to make full use of this information THAT YOU NEED A LIST?

And if you don't know how to build a list, go learn it somewhere. No money? Surely you can save up $30 to afford a good course.

I Can't Get JV Partners Syndrome

Poor boy/girl. Well, guess what… it's time to WAKE UP. First, there's a reason why you're not getting JV partners (if you're not getting). So it's really a marketing fault — this couldn't even be classified as an 'acceptable' excuse for not making money online.

Secondly, there's 101 ways to get traffic. Just because you ca't rub shoulders with the big boys does not mean you're a failure. That's just a small bump on the road.

Third, not all niches play this game. As a matter of fact, most of them don't. This is the biggest misconception that 80% (or 95%) of people in our business get - they're just thinking how to make money online by helping others to make money online. Let's say you're in the "Persian cat" niche and you got an ebook to sell that teaches Persian cat owners how to take good care of their pet. Do you think there's a marketing mastermind group going on in Vegas or whatever place to plan how to promote each other products and conquer the whole Persian cat niche? Perhaps, but this is highly doubtful.

Lastly, why are you restricting yourself to just one method of making money online? There are so many methods available. If you do affiliate marketing, making money from Adsense, selling leads, eBay and so on, this whole 'excuse' does not even apply to you. So if it's so hard, there are other ways to make money online. Why don't you use them?

Take the time to ponder a while to seek some truth about these 3 failing-excuses so that you can bust them, once and for all.

Copyright (c) 2011 Patric Chan
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