Work at Home - Setting Boundaries Between Work and Life

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Working at home is often a complicated balancing act between home life and working life.
However, you need to take special care to ensure that your home life is kept separate from your working life, and vice versa.
Working at home does you no good in offering you convenience and more time when you work 24/7, and not working will have the same effect.
The best way to set boundaries to differentiate your work and home lives when you work at home is to set schedules and rules regarding your work.
Set a daily routine for working, including a start time and a stop time that is comfortable for you.
Ensure that your family is aware of this schedule so that you are not disturbed during this time.
Another way that you can set boundaries is to have a separate office space that is for work only.
If your home office is all that you have, you can designate it as a work only space during certain hours to ensure that you get the work done without interruption when you need to.
You should also consider keeping your personal computer and work computer separate if you can.
Granted, not everyone can afford to have separate computers for everything, but if you can this is a great way to do it.
You definitely need at least two computers if you have a family, so that your work is not disturbed when the family wants to use the computer for their own needs.
When it is time for work to be done, stop working.
Leave whatever is undone for the next day, unless you have a critical deadline to meet.
Make sure that you do whatever you can to keep the peace between these two realms.
Working too much can create undue stress, but so can not working enough.
Finding the balance can be a challenge, but it is one that you can meet if you are adequately prepared for the task at hand.
Just take the time to establish these boundaries and you will be one step ahead in the right direction.
No one can tell you what boundaries are right for you, or which ones you need to set.
You need to determine this for yourself, so do whatever is best for you.
If you work as a contract employee or own your own business you should be able to work at your convenience.
However, if you are an employee on a remote basis for a company, they might need you to work their hours instead.
Keep all this in mind, and set boundaries that will allow you to enjoy a productive work at home career while maintaining a personal life that you can enjoy.
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