Are You Promoting The Right Link?

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If you are promoting an affiliate link or your own site or service, without first capturing the customer's name and email address, you are leaving lots of business and money on the table.

This may seem very basic promotion and marketing information for many of you who have been working on line for any length of time. It seems that many others just have not totally figured out how to go about promoting effectively.

When you promote a bare affiliate link, the potential customer clicks on the link and goes to the site. They either buy at the sales page or surf on never to return The percentage of sales for first-time visitors is very low.
Whatever effort including money and time that you put forth to get the customer to that sales page is gone. That potential customer has been lost to you forever.

Here's a much more profitable approach:

- Invest some money and purchase a good, dependable auto-responder service. A simple search of the internet will provide you many options. Staying with one of the better known ones will probably prove to be your best investment.

- Get their name and email address by sending them to a lead capture page. These are simple to set up and there are even some free software programs that will provide you one by simply filling in some information about your site.

- After signing up to your auto-responder on the lead capture page, they are sent a welcome message with the link you are promoting, and they then go to the sales page.

- They are sent a series of follow-up messages over a period of days and weeks. Your offer is seen again and again by them. You will probably want to include additional, related offers for them to review also.

- Multiple exposures to your offer has been proven to be much more effective to over coming sales resistance. As many as seven messages may be needed according to some research. Remember, the "Squeaky wheel gets the grease."
This approach of first capturing their name and email address on your list will turn out to be much more profitable to you in your promotion and marketing efforts.

Your sales will increase because you have captured their name and email address and are able to remind them of your product or service over and over again with personalized messages which are sent out automatically by your auto-responder at pre-set intervals.

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