The Best Places for a Writer to Live

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    The Lost Generation - Overseas Ideas

    • The "Lost Generation" of writers made their homes in the low-cost cities of Europe in the 1920s, particularly Paris. Paris attracted writers such as Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein because of its inexpensive rents, erudite culture and welcoming environment conducive to the written word.

      While Paris has become a very expensive city to live, there are new "hot spots" for ex-patriot writers on the European continent. Prague has become a new Paris for young writers with shallow pockets but big publishing dreams. Prague is considered an erudite and educated city, and was the location of the "Velvet Revolution" that took the Czech Republic out from behind the iron curtain in 1989. A growing ex-pat community keeps you in the company of your compatriots while you work and familiarize yourself with the city. With an average cost of $800 US per month for rents (15,000 CZK) and an average of $30 US (550 CZK) for a nice dinner for two as of 2011, Prague presents a budget alternative for a writer seeking to draw inspiration as an ex-pat.

    The Hemingway Method

    • Take a cue from one of the greatest writers of the last century and go to the regions that inspire you. Ernest Hemingway, revered for his prose, lived where he was inspired. Follow in his footsteps and follow your inspirations. If you are penning a tale about Australian aborigines, live among them in the interiors of Australia. Live it, see it, write it. If Hemingway can pen "The Green Hills of Africa" from his time spent on the continent, learn from that example and take inspiration in your environment.

    The Newspaper Journalist

    • It goes without saying that if you are hoping to make it as a newspaper journalist, you will have to live where you get a job. Even if you get a job at a location you consider undesirable, make the most of the experience to grow as a writer. Often, troubles equal great works of writing and art. Learn the region, grow your skills, and make your living with your paper. For example, if you are hired at a small local paper in Kansas, research the old western history and lawlessness the terrirtory once knew. Any place is a good place to live for a skilled and open-minded writer.

    Get "On the Road," Jack

    • Jack Kerouac made his name with the classic 1957 novel "On the Road," a tale about the "beat generation" that was unsettled and ready to wander. Wandering may be one of the greatest ways to draw experience and inspiration as a writer. Why limit yourself to one home when you can have a home that moves every day. Consider living the vagabond life for a year and buy an RV. With laptops, cell phones and Wi-Fi, you are practically guaranteed a connection wherever you are. Imagine the experiences you will gain that you can draw upon after a year spent living on the road.

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