Top Ten Ways To Communicate At Work

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Many of us find it particularly difficult to communicate at work. This might arise from a variety of factors ranging from shyness to lack of knowledge. Here are top 10 tips to ensure that communicating on the job is as easy as ABC!

Tone: The first thing that your listeners will search for in your speech is tone. As the title refers to communication at workplace, it obviously means that the tone should be formal and professional yet pleasant. People love pleasant personalities and they will love your pleasant tone as well!

Language: Again, when we are interested with our workplace only, you must realize that the language used should be as formal as it can get. Formal language does not necessarily mean that it should be bland and boring. With your tone and enthusiasm, you can even turn the most bring speeches and meeting minutes to one of the most interesting communication day ever!

Authority: When youre allowed to speak on something, you must talk with a tone of authority. Authority does not spell arrogance though. You can be polite and have a tone that silences your critics at the same time! It all depends on how well youre prepared and ho well youve done your homework.

Smile: Smile at your audience when communicating and they will reciprocate! But make sure you include your smile in the right place and pauses; they might even make you look like a fool. Judge a situation properly and then think about smiling or not! A little smile goes a long way; not to mention that it is an effective form of communication and you will surely win admirers from your office crowd! You might even get some female fan following as well!

Confidence: A professional setup always likes people with lot of confidence. But over confidence spells disaster. Confidence comes from the amount of knowledge that you have and how well prepared youre. A confident communicator should be sure of getting admirers and lots of nods from the top brass as well! If youre oozing confidence at your work, that means youre a potential leader on the radar.

Friendliness: A friendly approach is needed to make yourself presentable to your listeners. People undoubtedly like a friendly personality more than a bore, who just comes in and reads out dozens of sheets of paper without a single change in expression or otherwise!

Interaction: Interaction with your listeners makes them feel important as well as making your apparently more involved. More than that, you win friends at work. People feel flattered when they are given individual attention spare this for your boss!

Eye Contact: Effective communication at work or anywhere else begins with eye contact. When addressing a lot of people, make sure that your eyes hover on the left and right of it and also at the front and back.

Communication Tools and Technology: With the main innovation coming to aid communication, it has got only easier to communicate. Use tools and communication technology at workplace to put your point forth nicely.

Clarity: The language should be as clear as you can make it. Do not make your communication language unnecessarily complicated with unnecessary use of jargons and ambiguous language.
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