How to Work With Tiger Sharks

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    • 1). Study extra science and math courses while you are in high school. Biology, chemistry, statistics, honors science and AP science are examples. Read as many books and publications about science, mathematics and marine biology as you can. You will need a strong mathematics background for this work. High grades are a must to gain acceptance to a prestigious university with a credible marine biology program.

    • 2). Major in marine biology in college. Take all the required courses during your first two years. You will have more freedom in course selection in upcoming semesters.

    • 3). Elect advanced elective courses in math and science your last two years of undergrad. Statistics and mathematical modeling are examples of necessary math courses.

    • 4). Select a credible marine biology graduate program. Your academic advisors will help and direct you in this regard. Many marine biologists do their graduate work at the same institution from which they graduated.

    • 5). Consult with your graduate thesis committee and advisors to design a thesis project about sharks, with an emphasis on tiger sharks.

    • 6). Read as much literature on sharks as you can to familiarize yourself with the latest information and research techniques throughout your entire academic career.

    • 7). Contact the shark experts you most admire and ask them where you should begin work and further study. Inform them of your desire to work with tiger sharks. Breaking into this elite and exclusive group of marine biologists requires knowing where to work and the names of those with whom you should work. Send highly placed individuals your thesis and previous research and express your desire to become an apprentice or intern.

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