Jewelry in Living Color

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Colors and color meanings have always been associated with a range of emotions.

History books are full of fascinating stories of how events and relationships unfolded according to jewelry of particular colors. Emotions driven by a color have charted the course of civilized nations for centuries.

Color meaning is a subject of particular interest to many people who choose jewelry and charms [] accordingly.


Depending on which country or continent you live in, you may well associate red with different things. For the Chinese, red is linked with good fortune and happiness. This is why Chinese brides will often dress in red. On the other hand in the west, color meanings are different. White is the preferred color for wedding dresses, red being more readily associated with courage and love.


A warm color, orange, with its different tints, is typically an energy color. Jewelry with an orange color can inspire the occupants to act and to create. Accordingly, if the orange of a charm is of a more subdued tint, then this energy tends to act positively and reduce tension. With a brighter orange color, energy levels are increased yet further, although this may induce more tension.


Brown is a color very close to nature with the brown soil and brown tree trunks that are all around us. Both warm and reassuring as a color, brown is also a mix of red, yellow and blue and charms that combine these colors can then radiate their positive aspects.


Yellow has very different associations depending on the culture of the person concerned. In the west, yellow charms and jewelry may be associated with the heat and the energy of the sun, but color meanings can also be linked to certain negative aspects of a person's nature. However, in China, yellow is the color of the emperors and occupies a prominent place in Chinese culture stretching back over thousands of years.


Before western fashion dictated that wedding dresses should be white, green was the most popular choice for brides in Europe. Green charms for example will be associated with youth, growth and freshness. Green is also associated with fertility. However it also has a less positive association with the emotion of jealousy and the feelings of nausea.


Peace and infinity are two very common associations with the color blue. According to the tint of the color, people may see a greener shade of blue as more associated with the sea and tranquil feelings. Blue in a cooler version in a charm may generate feelings of melancholy. It is at the opposite end of the color scale to red. Thus at one end we have tendency to activity and possibly anger (red) and at the other end the trend is to peace but perhaps sadness (blue).


Long associated in the west with nobility, and often present in religious manifestations to this day, purple is still associated with standing and sophistication. Historically expensive to produce as a color, this may also explain why this association persists to these areas and why jewelry and charms [] often reflects this. Wearing purple also has said to give one courage and to overcome fear.
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