The Keys to Making Money - E-Mini Investing

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E-Mini Trading/Investing in stocks can be tricky business especially with today's market volatility.
Most people don't have the time or depth of knowledge to play the markets and be assured of asset stability and profitability.
Many people leave the money-making decision up to their financial advisor or broker.
Knowing who you can trust when money is hard to come by can sometimes be a gamble.
Day trading can be time consuming and you must pay attention to every detail in order to be successful.
A person that doesn't pay attention to the market when playing individual stocks may miss the boat.
They often sell too late and take a hit as a result of inadequate financial monitoring.
E-Mini Trading is tied to the Standard and Poor's 500 so monitoring of the S & P 500 index is necessary.
E-Minis are also traded on the NASDAQ 100.
It's much easier to determine the profitability of an E-Mini than it is to assess the risk with an individual stock.
An E-Mini is an equity index futures contract.
The E-Mini's can be purchased on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange at very low commission rates.
They allow you to purchase a wide variety of stocks (500) that otherwise may not be readily accessible to the average investor.
Instead of monitoring all the individual stocks, you simply monitor the index price of the E-Mini.
E-Mini's trading is fast and orders typically fill in just a matter of seconds.
The E-Mini futures contract trades at fifty times the number indicated in the S & P 500 index.
It is possible to margin fifty percent for a position held until the next day.
There is significantly less maintenance and monitoring involved with E-Minis.
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