Market Gaps - The Greatest Leverage You Can Find!

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Here is one of the most incredible opportunities I have ever seen.
If you think of leverage in terms of Money, or People, you aren't even close to the tremendous advantages of a Market Gap.
Here are 'built-in' advantages that you can use forever, with no risk! And you can start fort no more than the cost of a dinner for two at your local diner BOOKS! Books at the library, books at thrift shops - $1.
00 - 50 cents! When new, they are averaging $25 for hardbacks, $12 - $18 for trade softbacks.
To collectors, and to people who just want the information in an older, out-of-print book, they are worth a great deal more.
For about 4 years, I was picking up books at our local library for $1, and selling them on eBay for prices running from $35 to as high as $120! This was due entirely to the fact that the "Friends of the Library" have a policy of selling donat4d books at a flat rate of $1.
Plus, the incredible stupidityof people who never read eBay's great tips on selling.
They will list an art book on eBay with no pictures! Just a 'bare-bones' physical description, and then go back to the living room to watch the ball game or soap opera! These 'know-it-alls' think eBay is just like their daily paper classifieds.
eBay itself has created several market gaps.
You can, for instance, look up the results of the last 30 days ads.
You can see what sold, and what didn't.
They will even arrange them in order, from highest price down, or from lowest price up, or most recent.
And their feedback policy! Here are built-in testimonials! And you can access the actual ads themselves.
There's more! The United States Post Office gives a special rate to books, since they are considered to have great educational value.
I can send a book to Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, for the same cost as to my nearest town.
And, here is where modern technology comes to our aid! Magazines, audio tapes, CDs, DVDs, Vhs tapes, all travel at this same low rate! And what about the really big money? Recently, PBS televisiom had an interview on the collection of a Mr.
Reginald Hunter, of Philadelphia.
He has a fabulous collectionof rare books.
It is valued at $3,000,000.
He's been a collector for over 50 years.
He specializes in first editions, mostly fiction, by famous authors, and books about the Civil War.
He was asked about his collection and how much he had to pay to amass it.
The most expensive book in his collection is a Civil War diary by a young Union officer, and he paid $73,000 for it several years ago.
Today he's been offered $150,00 for this book.
His second most valuable book is a rare first edition by the famous American author Mark Twain.
We've all read Huckleberry Finn and some of Twains other books.
He obtained it a few years ago at a West Virginiathrift store, and guess what he paid $7,50 ! He said he used to buy and sell books and make pretty good money at it.
He's fallen in love with his books andis now going to keep them until he dies.
He's going to give them to the National Archives and to a library in Philadelphia.
Hunter also said that he was able to buy many, many books for $20 or less that are now worth at least a thousand dollars each.
This wise collector gave us his three favorite hunting places.
Thrift stores and second-hand stores.
Used book stores.
Small antique stores.
These three types of stores are all over.
There's hardly a town any more That doesn't have at least a thrift store, an antique store, and most small cities have at least one store that's a source of books.
In this article, we've given you a whole list of market gaps, all rolled into one really great opportunity.
If you're worried about a source of extra money, here is an opportunity worth looking into.
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