How to Use eBay - Overview and Summary

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It started in 1995 in San Jose, California.
Computer programmer Pierre Omidyar and his wife decided to trade collectible goods using the Internet.
Pierre founded a web site, "Auctionweb," where traders could meet to sell their goods to other collectors, all within an environment of professional trust.
Auctionweb was later renamed eBay (with a lower-case "e").
Within 10 years, eBay.
com has grown into the largest and most successful online business model in history.
Today, tens of millions of people converge daily at eBay.
com and eBaymotors.
com to buy and sell millions of dollars in new and used merchandise.
From simple products like old Monopoly games and used Elvis records to wholesale electronics and digital cameras to exotic motor vehicles and real estate, eBay has become the global trading platform for every person.
The eBay business model is magnificently simple: provide a safe and motivating online marketplace where anyone can gather to trade products with confidence.
Charge people a small fee to sell their wares and enforce safety and trust for everyone.
At its base level, eBay works exactly like an electronic "flea market": 1) eBay sellers pay a small flat fee plus a 1.
5% fee to eBay in order to market their wares; 2) eBay buyers visit and use the marketplace without any surcharges; 3) Any parties that abuse the system or each other will be disciplined or ejected.
At a higher level, eBay is different from a regular flea market for ten reasons: 1) The eBay marketplace is international, crossing language and national boundaries; 2) The massive choice of goods is awe-inspiring; 3) Sales can either be auction format (competitions between bidders) or traditional fixed-price format.
The sellers choose whichever format they prefer; 4) The buyers and sellers will likely never meet in person; 5) The buyers do not get to see the product in person before purchase, but are given various post-purchase guarantees to ensure satisfaction; 6) Very sophisticated computer measures are implemented to minimize electronic dishonesty on all sides; 7) Full-time staff are employed to enforce safety and fairness across the system; 8) An honesty-incentive model called "positive feedback" is used to motivate buyers and sellers to trade with integrity; 9) Professional third party payment services, like Paypal, Bidpay, and Escrow.
com, are brought in to ensure safe and trusted payment between eBayers; 10) eBay is easier to use than a flea market.
Starting out with eBay Trading with people all over the world has become safe and reliable these days.
eBay users can sell or make purchases online without the usual fear of being scammed or defrauded.
eBay has been around for years; you don't want to be left behind and selling those unused things from your room or buying some stuff that is nearly impossible to find at your local store.
Here is a tutorial to selling your way to good money.
The tutorial has been broken down into three parts.
First is the introduction and registration, next is a sample transaction to see how the program works, and lastly, the guide to buying and selling on eBay itself.
Upon your initial visit to the site, you can click on the "Welcome to eBay," the world's largest online community of buyers and sellers.
It's your place to buy what you want, sell what you have, and make a few friends while you're at it.
Registration Now, this thing is a piece of cake.
All you need here is to fill in all the info.
, including your complete name, address, and all the usual stuff.
You don't need to pay for anything when you register.
Make sure to read the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy before you click the "I agree to these terms button.
" You will also be asked about your preferred method of payment beforehand.
Paypal is commonly used in eBay, so you might want to register for a PayPal account before signing up to eBay.
User Id and password This is an online flea market, so make your id as unique as possible with the thoughts of a good, decent name.
You are not restricted to choose any name aside from those already chosen by registered users.
You choose your own password; keep it short and hard for others to guess, but make sure it isn't hard enough that you might forget it.
Email confirmation Upon registration, you will receive an email at the address you stated in the form for confirmation.
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