Sewing a Reversible Wine Gift Bag

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    • 1). Purchase at least 1/2 yard of two fabrics to make the reversible bag. You can use any light to medium weight fabric in your choice of colors and patterns.

    • 2). Cut two pieces of each fabric to measure 13 inches wide by 16 inches long. This will create a bag that is 6 inches wide by 14 inches long. For a larger or smaller bag, adjust your measurements.

    • 3). Place the two fabrics with right sides together. You will be placing the right sides together on each of your fabrics, both front and back.

    • 4). Stitch the two sides and bottom of the fabrics to attach them together. This will create two separate pouches.

    • 5). Create a stitched buttonhole in the center top area of one of the pouches. You will thread your cording through the buttonhole. Set your machine to buttonhole stitch, and create a buttonhole that is long enough to fit your selected cording through. Once sewn, carefully cut the slit in the center of the stitched rectangle to open.

    • 6). Turn one pouch right side out, and place it inside of the other pouch. The fabrics on the pouches should both be right sides together now. Line up the edges of the pouch openings and add straight pins to secure.

    • 7). Stitch around the edges on the sewing machine, leaving an opening that is about 3-inches wide.

    • 8). Pull the pouch inside out through the 3-inch opening.

    • 9). Create a stitch along the entire top edge opening, making sure to fold down the open area.

    • 10

      Create a line of stitching, starting just below the buttonhole you created, to make the casing for the cording.

    • 11

      Attach a bodkin or safety pin to the end of your cording, and pull the cording through the buttonhole opening. Pull the cording through the casing and back around through the buttonhole. Pull the cords until they are even, and then cinch the bag closed by pulling the cords at the same time. For one side of the bag, the cording comes through the front and for the other side of the bag the cording pulls inside.

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