Waiters at Restaurants in Johannesburg

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This article is a comprehensive guide to waitering successfully in restaurants Johannesburg. Now, do not be under the impression that this is written by a person who has never been there and is talking from an idyllic point of view. This is coming for a person who worked the restaurants and bars of Johannesburg for five years before moving on to better things.

The first thing to bear in mind when you are waitering in restaurants Johannesburg is to always be neat and smell nice. Remember you are dealing with people's food and they do not want to think that there is a dirty person dealing with their food. You may only be tired from a long day and a bit sweaty but the patrons do not care. It is a good idea to keep a deodorant or antiperspirant in your bag as well as a brush and some of your makeup so that you can freshen up every now and then during the day.

Then there is your cash float. Some restaurants Johannesburg do not require that you carry a cash float but most do as they do not want to be bothered with keeping enough change for the entire day in the till. A good cash float will start out with the following: five ten rand notes, five twenty rand notes and a couple of fifty rand notes. It will also have at least ten of each kind of coin. So all in all about three hundred and fifty rand is a good number to work with. This sounds like a lot, but bear in mind that when a person pays in cash they are not going to be paying exact amounts and they will need change, then remember that people will often run up a bill of a hundred and fifty rand per person. Suddenly your float does not seem quite so big. Of course your float will change depending on what kind of place you are working in. A bar will need a bigger cash float with smaller denominations than a restaurant will for example.

Then there is your gear. These are things that no waiter should be without in restaurants Johannesburg. You need your wine and bottle opener and you need to learn to use them properly. You need to make sure you have a lighter, both for lighting candles and for lighting your patrons cigarettes. You need to have at least three pens. These are for taking orders and for patrons to sign slips with and it is very embarrassing to have to run around looking for a pen for your customer to use.

Other than that, stay friendly and do not forget about tables. Try to learn to judge how much attention a table wants and then give it to them, some are high maintenance, others are not and you need to tell which is which so that you do not end up seemingly neglecting or bothering your tables. This means you can get better tips and be thought of as a good waiter.

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