Benefits of Aluminum Ramps

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Wood ramps were once the only option out there when one needed to move large or heavy materials over a small elevated area.
However, there are many problems that come with using wood for ramps.
In fact, the EPA announced in 2002 that the use of CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate), a wood preservative made from a toxic chemical, would be phased out.
This preservative was mostly used to prevent the rotting of wood, and as such, it was commonly used for treating wood that would be used outdoors.
Although there are now available other wood preservatives which are less toxic, they are typically more costly and still carry some health and environmental risks.
Accordingly, an alternative to wood is the wisest choice when it comes to outdoor ramps.
Fortunately, there are aluminum ramps.
Aluminum ramps are certainly more EPA-friendly as far as environmental guidelines are concerned.
Aluminum is non-toxic.
It is also cheaper than wood.
As such, ramps made from aluminum are becoming more and more popular as a replacement for wood ramps.
There are many other reasons why aluminum ramps are such a good alternative to ramps made of wood.
Aluminum is a safe material, easy to assemble and use and is very durable.
Aluminum ramps are extremely easy to use because they require little maintenance, if any at all.
They do not need to be treated or cleaned.
Aluminum does not rust, so your ramp will last a very long time.
They are also very easy to assemble, even if being done by someone with very little experience.
Assembly takes virtually no time at all and common hand tools are all that is needed to get the job done.
Unlike wood ramps, aluminum ramps can be easily reused or even reconfigured in the event the job requires additional installation.
With wood, the ramps must either be discarded or extensively redesigned.
Ramps made of aluminum have the added benefit of built-in non-skid surfaces, which will avoid many accidents during use.
The surface is also smooth to the touch, so you won't run risk of splinters like you would with wood.
They are also not flammable.
Using an aluminum ramp will ensure that you are using something that is a friend to the environment, not requiring a bunch of chemical to keep it in good condition.
Durability comes naturally to aluminum.
This cost-effective material is only cheap in price.
The quality that comes with using aluminum ramps is unsurpassed.
Your ramps can be used for loading materials using dollies, pallets and even forklifts.
Aluminum ramps are also versatile.
They can be portable, or they can be fixed.
Fixed ramps are typically utilized in situations when items are being loaded onto trucks or lorries.
Portable ramps, on the other hand, are for the loading on a specific medium, for example, bogies of goods trains.
Finally, aluminum ramps are a great choice to serve as floating docks, which are often submerged in the water to allow a ship to enter and dock.
Aluminum is a good option for a floating dock because it does not rust or splinter, nor does it warp or crack as it ages.
Whatever the use, aluminum ramps will weather its use and the elements for years on end.
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