4 Simple Tips for Start-Up Entrepreneurs

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Starting your own company is exciting...
and easily overwhelming.
The next few pointers will make it easier to achieve your success.
Become "ME, Incorporated".
If you've been a corporate employee, chances are you've had to make phone calls, lead meetings or other tasks that stretched you, requiring that you "put yourself out there".
When it's time to represent yourself and your own company, it's easy to shrink - it's harder to sing your own praises and state what you can offer.
Imagine that you are "ME, Incorporated" and speak on behalf of the corporation.
Similarly, take action as if you are the company, and the CEO, of the company you want to become.
Create realistic goals with milestones and actions designed to meet those milestones.
Starting your own business is like going on a trip; you need to know where you're headed and how you will get there.
What is it that you want to achieve? What's your timeframe? New business owners often set lofty financial goals for their business and then set them on the shelf.
Instead, create measurement markers to monitor your progress towards your goal; modify your actions as needed.
Again, think of a trip; if you find yourself off course because of a detour or missed turn, get out your map and make adjustments.
Set boundaries.
It's easy for work and personal lives to blend - especially if your business is starting in your home.
Do you work on the weekends? When do you answer your business phone? Boundaries are important to protect both personal time and business time so decide if and when you will do personal tasks during business hours.
I have seen many business owners slow business progress because personal appointments and errands take over.
Consider setting aside no more than one morning or afternoon a week to schedule personal appointments and stick to it! 4.
Have a frank and honest discussion with family about what starting a business means to the family.
Will your schedule change? If you have young children, help them distinguish between play time and work time.
Talk with family about your goals and milestones; it's comforting to them and it sets a great example.
Most of all, enjoy.
Starting your own business can be exhilarating, terrifying, rewarding, and exhausting; remembering why you're starting a business and the potential rewards makes it a whole lot more enjoyable.
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